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Bank Nifty Trading Myth vs. Reality

Most people can't stop making THIS SERIOUS mistake while start trading for the first time or even after they are trading for long

I see this ALL the time, in every interaction

And people should know better (Yes even You.)

Here is it...

What is my GOAL?

My goal is to travel the "Path of Reality" with you and because trading is my full-time profession I spend 8-10 hours daily and I am doing so over a decade...

I can share with you some tricks and hacks so that we can together navigate the journey with less friction and it is all my GOAL, dear friend

But instead, you waste your time, energy and money trying thing that promise "Myth" I request you to belive on "Reality"

PS: This year I set a target for me that I along with you work for you so that you end up the year with 15,000 bank nifty points net positive. It is 3Lac/Lot.

(in first 10 days of the year we accumulated 246 points or INR 4920 a moderate start we can say)

PS 2: This year I will trade only banknifty full time. I will be grateful if you become my partner because NONE OF US IS AS STRONG AS ALL OF US.

You just need two tools to be successful

1. BNFTrdingpro 2.2 Excel

Here is the link:

2. Done For You Jackpot Day Trade Management Excel 2.2 (Download the same from here) I guarantee this INR 479 investment will be your best investment this year

Here is the link:

Let's take the 15,000 bank nifty points trading challenge. It will be a thrilling journey

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