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Investing in you is always the best investment-Story behind the BNFtradingpro2.2 Excel

I used to know this bank nifty trader. We’ll call him Ashis. Yes, it is me.

I was an antacid popping, an angry wisp of a man who was always stressed out from one strategy to the next.

I was a bit too bullheaded to accept the fact that my human brain is not designed for trading. I thought I apparently knew everything there was to know about trading.

Sure, my gut feelings were good, but they were getting clouded by acid reflux. I’d become a little too emotionally involved in the trades and sell too soon or too late.

I wasn’t making any money, but I still liked the stock market.

Then I started researching to frame my decision making in a simple 'If then statement’

And write it down in a sticky note in front of me.

Soon there were so many sticky notes in front of me, I required to write a separate sticky note indexing what talks about what.

My if-then loops were pretty basic – even my late grandmother would have understood them. An If-then loop says IF this happens, THEN do this. Like, IF it’s below 14°C outside, THEN make a cup of coffee. IF banknifty drops 100 points, THEN BUY if it bounces back by 33 points.

Soon I have a trading system very complicated because there is so many series of these if-then statements.

So, going back to the example.

If banknifty drops below 2.5% intraday, then buy if it bounces 25 points.

If banknifty goes above 1.5%, then sell if it's come down 30 points.

That’s the very simple version of it. Although there were so many.

It was again become hard to follow and I required to make it somehow automated

Once I figured out how to run these automated using a simple excel sheet, my life opened up.

It really turns into a potent trading machine. Excel does the combination and permutations for me, then it's telling me what to do.

Input data see what to do, REPEAT.

PS: This year I set a target for me that I along with you work for you so that you end up the year with 15,000 bank nifty points net positive. It is 3Lac/Lot.

PS 2: This year I will trade only banknifty full time. I will be grateful if you become my partner because NONE OF US IS AS STRONG AS ALL OF US.

You just need two tools to be successful

1. BNFTrdingpro 2.2 Excel

Here is the link:

2. Done For You Jackpot Day Trade Management Excel 2.2 (Download the same from here) I guarantee this INR 479 investment will be your best investment this year

Here is the link:

Let's take the 15,000 bank nifty points trading challenge. It will be thrilling journey

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Jan 04, 2020

Thanks Ashis for a great article and encouragement. Herewith I am also making a resolution to only trade BankNifty using your excel file. Wishing you all the very best 😃


Jan 04, 2020


Your temperament has build up my confidence and surely we are going to gain 15000 points per lot in this year. Wish you all best of luck...

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