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Trade Automagically!

Q. What do they call the person who finishes last at medical school?

A. Doctor.

That's right.

Sometimes in life, just not quitting makes you a winner.

Now, let's riff on "quitting" for a bit, shall we?

Hear ye:

I believe that whoever best understands the topic of quitting, will have a huge advantage in life.

I'm talking about knowing WHAT to quit, WHEN to quit, and WHAT NEVER to quit.

Let's start with an example of WHAT to quit:

If you spend more money on cigarettes than you do on food, have teeth the color of caramel corn, cough up jellyfish-sized loogies, and you crap pure tar...then perhaps smoking is an activity you should quit.


An example of WHEN to quit:

Sometimes quitting is the very best thing you can do.

For example, if you've been trying to get your cat swimming school off the ground for the last ten years and you live in a shack, drive a shitbox car, your wife needs clothes and baby needs shoes, and the wolf is at your door, then perhaps you should consider quitting your precious cat swimming school.

An example of WHAT NEVER to quit:

If you read a book, bought a course, attended a training course or seminar and... it taught you something which helped you get ahead in life...then maybe, just maybe...

You Should Keep This Process of Learning Going!

In other words, when it comes to learning (especially self-edumaction), you should NEVER quit.

Not ever.

Sadly, when it comes to self-learning, most folks are quicker to call it quits than Chris Christie on a treadmill.

And that's why most folks aren't progressing in life.

They've quit learning, and thus, they have stopped gaining valuable information that can take them to the next level, open new doors of opportunity, and propel them to success.

Alright, I'll leave you with a brilliant saying I just came up with:

Those In The Know Get The Dough!

Okay, so maybe it's not brilliant but it's true nonetheless.


You say it was brilliant?

Aw, shucks.

I guess it was.

Well anyway, let's get down to business.

Listen, I want to share with you a serious news. The serious news is this:

Important: I started working on The Details Jackpot day and the Flip Strategy

Here is a sneak pick for you

And at the end following is some praise from wonderful you for much-needed motivation to keep going, thank you so much

Wish you a blasting Sunday Evening

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