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Private Trading Master Program

Private Trading Master Program

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90 Day Private One-one One work with your trading coach Master Trading Program


Why One-on-One Master Program?


The only reason conventional trading strategy doesn't help you generate consistent income from stock trading is that it, not the best fit strategy the trader you are


There is a different trading personality like, someone may be administrative trader, and others may be more detailed oriented, someone may be aggressive and others may be risk-averse.


As there is a different trading personality, any trading success depends on a best-fit strategy that is personally designed for you based on your trading profile.


See our goal is not to build a course to sell for anyone interested but to design a strategy that helps you to succeed. And the only way we found One-on-One Master Program, where you will work with your trading coach (with me) to build your strategy.


How it all begin?


Its starts with "Trading personality test" it consists of 35 questions we ask. You have taken this online test where you will answer each of the questions carefully. A report of your personal trading profile will generate that is the starting point. Based on your trading profile we will discuss what is best for you.


What is in it?


After analyzing your trader profile test report and discussion with you, I will recommend the next step. For example think based on your trading profile test say yor are a "Administrative Trader Profile" we will then  recommended following for you in "90-day One-on-One work with your trading coach Master Program"


1. Based on his trading profile we will recommend you to trade only one stock


2. We covered 3 intraday trading strategy with a goal that you did not require full-day trade monitoring with reasonable consistency of his trading income


What you learn to begin with?


A. how to know today you should go in the direction of the breakout or you should trade opposite of the breakout looking at the 1st 15-minute candle of the stock you focus.


B. How you identify the trend of any stock any time frame with a simple technique of "Touch & Detach" a complete proprietary in my research team technique that no one will never find on the internet of any trading book.


This unique technique is the building block of my several personal trading strategy influences by my learning with Larry Williams.


So you will start with these two assignment and rest the relationship moves life long journey probably.


I wish our bonding and relationship will be lifelong too with you and I have no doubt about your trading success.


Thanks for showing interest in my Research


You may wish to contact me directly in my Whatsapp @ 9339494323 just say " 90 day Master program" and  send it to me. I will send you the trading profile question. Its completely free




    30 days Coaching program


    90 Day's Return and refund policy

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